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1 Year at BCUK: Spotlight on Jen Radcliffe

This past year at BCUK HQ has been a busy one; working with new clients, achieving new records, raising money for our partner charities, building candidate relationships, and increasing our staff headcount.

One of our new BCUK family members has just hit her 1st birthday with the team, and we wanted to celebrate by putting a little spotlight on the one and only Jennifer Radcliffe.

So, Jen - what attracted you to BCUK in the first place?

I’ve known Debbie and Tamsin for a number of years and had always heard good things about the culture at BCUK. This was a big draw for me. The other things that attracted me were office location, work/life balance and great staff retention rates.

What’s been the biggest highlight of the past year?

The last 12 months have been fantastic with various different high points. I think the best thing for me has been working with clients again that I have known for a long time and helping them to find the right candidates to add to their organisations.

What’s been the biggest challenge?

Supply/Demand to growth areas such as Compliance. It’s an area in our market that has grown dramatically in the last 18 months and ensuring that we meet clients demand with the right quality of candidate has sometimes been tough.

What does your day look like?

• Wake up around 6.30am usually by my son, George who is an early bird!
• We get ready, have breakfast and then head off to school usually with music of George’s choice blasting - The Greatest Showman soundtrack is the current favourite!
• Depending on what’s in my diary, I am usually either out meeting with clients and candidates all day or working on vacancies in the office
• End of the working day is usually 5pm and I collect George from afterschool club
• Evening consists of tea, homework, bath, book and bed for George and if I’m not asleep by then I usually watch an hour of TV to wind down!

What’s the biggest difference between working for BCUK vs other businesses you’ve worked for?

The staff structure is very different - In a lot of places I have worked previously in order to progress you have to follow a people management route. At BCUK you are encouraged to become an expert in your market and are incentivised to achieve progression through your focused specialism. You are treated completely as an adult, and it’s fair to say in that this job is very much you get out what you put in. Everyone here wants to be successful and put the effort in to achieve this – which is a great motivator when you need support from your colleagues on a tough day.

Also the little perks are just great, from Christmas hampers, early finishes, quarterly trips and the annual trip abroad - the directors really do look after staff.

Age 10: what did you want to do when you grew up?

I actually wanted to be an Archaeologist when I was younger as I had mad obsession with Ancient Egypt!

What would be your Plan B if you weren’t recruiting now?

If I could be anything else it would definitely be something to do with event planning or music – maybe run my own music festival!

Who inspires you?

Probably my son George – he’s obviously the reason I work hard but I just love his natural confidence and his fearlessness! He makes me brave.

If you were to give your teenage self advice for the future, what would it be?

Worry Less, Do More!

Last question… what 3 guests (living or dead) would you invite to your ideal dinner party and why?

• Idris Elba (obviously for his conversation J )
• Stephen Fry (definitely just for his conversation)
• Liam Gallagher (To discuss the greatest band of all time and hopefully get him to sing)

Thanks Jen! Looking forward to seeing what the next year brings you and Team BCUK!

If you work in Social Housing and are looking for a move in your career, speak to Jen in time for a move in the new year. Please get in touch on 01695 556 800 or

If you’re a recruiter looking for a new challenge, speak to our Operations Manager George Lucking on 0151 230 1690 or

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