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It has been a while since I have sat down and managed to put a blog together- work has been incredibly busy, and coupled with a busy family life and playing taxi to my son, I’ve been left with little time to reflect on the last 12 months.

But it’s important to sit back and think about the highlights of the last year, and build on them for the coming year. There is so much to say as this financial year at BCUK has been one of our strongest. 12 months ago we were celebrating our 10th Anniversary and I really can’t believe we are now embarking on our 11th year already, and I am celebrating my 5th anniversary since joining the BCUK family. Since joining BCUK, I have never looked back and I’m very lucky to work for the best team around, and for a company that creates opportunities and rewards their employees like BCUK does.

The construction industry over the last 12 months has been very buoyant. Both temp and perm recruitment have had strong successes. We have noticed an increase this year in the demand for white collar temporary staff as well as growth in our residential and social housing market for the 2nd yr. running. Of course these successes are coupled with the usual every day challenges we all face. Our biggest ongoing issue is the talent shortage in the industry – which of course affects us all, in every company. For us, the answer has to lie in looking after our candidates, educating our clients on identifying transferrable skills, and reaching out to the younger generation coming into the industry, to encourage careers in construction.

On Friday our whole business got together to celebrate the successes of the last 12 months in Revolution in Liverpool- and wow do Team BCUK really know how to celebrate - a short presentation followed by lots of fizz and cocktails, which of course ends in dancing to 80s music and a few sore heads the next morning. This event was a lot of fun, but more importantly it was a great opportunity to reflect on first class individual and office performances. I want to congratulate the whole team for the effort they put in this past year, and a special mention particularly to those who have dedicated 5 years of service to Building Careers, and those who won our yearly awards. These people are shaping the future of BCUK and we cannot thank them enough.

Special mention to the following employees:-

  • Emma Hughes - Employee of the Year
  • Adam Lyon - Support Person of the Year
  • Graham Hacking - Top Biller of the Year
  • Manchester Team - Office of the Year

5 Years’ Service:-

  • Debbie King
  • Kris Convery
  • Naomi Heron
  • Danielle Andrews
  • Tamsin Marlowe

We needed no excuse to get the champagne open with all this celebrating to do – and we can’t forget to congratulate Adam Lyon, Amy Henderson, Sean Jones, Danielle Yarlett, Kim Jones, Sarah Kennedy, Elle Mackie and Emma Hughes on their well-deserved promotions – hope you enjoyed the celebrations and I look forward to seeing your next 12 months in the business and what you’ll achieve.

I think the most important highlight to look back on over the last year has got to be the team. Whether its out celebrating on Friday, or sitting back in the office with no distractions today – I’m overwhelmed with just how lucky I am to work with an amazing bunch of employees. We are all there to support each other and there to put an arm round anyone that is having a tough time- and also to celebrate the good times. Seeing everyone so proud of their friends and colleagues winning awards or promotions on Friday really confirmed that for me.  I’m looking forward to seeing where this team can take us in the next year. Roll on 2018-2019 and another 12 months of smashing it!

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