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Following an assessment by the British Assessment Bureau in April 2016, we are proud to have successfully achieved certification to the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard. ISO9001 proves that we don’t just claim to deliver quality by placing it as one of our values, but we actively demonstrate we deliver a consistent high quality service, as verified by an independent third party.

In a service led industry, measuring the quality of what we deliver can be difficult. If we worked in a factory and we made bags, for example, there would be a series of processes that would need to be followed to get that end result.  The material used, the source of the material, the specific pattern, the thread used to stitch it together, and the brand logo are all part of a regimented process that creates a quality product. This can be replicated time and time again. In theory, it’s quite straightforward. For a service led business like ours, we needed to ensure we were performing to a consistent standard of quality as described above, but without losing the personalisation of customer service and bespoke solutions that make BCUK successful.

In preparing for ISO, we were pleased to discover that we were already ticking lots of the right boxes to become accredited. But in order to gain ISO9001, we had to be sure that every step of our process was up to date, up to speed and up to standard. This was a challenging but rewarding task; our internal and external procedures were streamlined, our working documents were assessed, and our processes were made as straightforward as possible; ensuring a seamless experience from first contact with our business.  

"We are proud of our determination of achieving high standards across the board and this accreditation is another accolade to prove our commitment to delivering a high quality service" - Kate Hannon, Business Support Manager

Receiving our ISO9001 stamp of approval is a huge achievement for our business, and is the proof that we are doing everything within our power to make sure your experience with us is of the highest standard. We endeavour to maintain this quality in all aspects of our business, and to support you in finding personnel of the same high calibre we strive for.

If you would like any more information on BCUK’s approved ISO9001: 2008 certification, or on any of our other recognised accreditations, please speak to Business Support Manager Kate Hannon on 01695 556 800.

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