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in aid of mind

This year at Building Careers UK we’re proud to announce that we’re partnering with Mind, the mental health charity. We’re launching our partnership with a DIGITAL DETOX. 📱

Did you know that the average person in the UK now spends 24 hours every week on their phone? That’s a whole day! Phones have revolutionised how we communicate and share information, but they can also have a negative impact on our mental health, our relationships, and our sleep. 💤

Team BCUK have pledged to detox this November by giving up their phones and social media for ONE WEEK (commencing Monday 26th November). Some are giving gadgets up in the evening, some are doing it in the day, and some are going full cold turkey! 🦃

If you’d like to support our challenge by taking part or donating, please visit our justgiving page, and look out for challenge updates throughout the coming week. 👍

Day 1 : 26.11.18

#DigitalDetox Day 1 - how are the troops getting on without their phones or social media? 

Day 2 : 27.11.18

#DigitalDetox Day 2- Two days without phones or social media for #TeamBCUK ... some of our staff are starting to feel the benefit, and some have been told off by their team mates for sneaking on Twitter! What will Day 3 bring? Mind #CSR #charity #socialmedia #mindfulness #recruitment

Day 3 : 28.11.18

#DigitalDetox Day 3 - We're halfway through our first Mind challenge and lots of our team are seeing how a little less phone time means a little more time for other things, like partners, sleep... and tidying!

Day 4 : 29.11.18

We’ve nearly finished our #DigitalDetox this week. Some of the team are reflecting on the wider importance of a break from the influences of social media, while some are crying out for a bit of escapism! Nearly there guys...

Day 5 : 30.11.18

The #DigitalDetox is over! Thanks to all those who detoxed and donated over the last week. If you'd like to keep up to date with our next events and challenge for Mind - visit our justgiving page


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