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#TeamBCUK Spotlight: 
Hollie Thompson, Resourcer

What did you first think of your job at BCUK?
When I started in March 2017, it was all quite daunting – there was a lot of new information to take in! But 2 weeks in, I had made friends in the team and I started to settle in quickly.

What’s the biggest thing you think you’ve learnt while here?
I recently looked back at my first LinkedIn picture for BCUK – a lot has changed in 3 years. I’ve grown up a lot - this was my first proper job! I’ve learnt a lot about construction– things I’d never have expected to know. I’ve also really built my confidence on the phone and with new people. Oh, and I’ve learned to like coffee—which helps with a long day!

What do you enjoy most about coming to work?
Well, I love the team. Everyone keeps me motivated and we all have a laugh—which is important when you spend 40 hours a week together! Probably the most important thing I enjoy is I genuinely love getting people jobs. It feels like you’re making a difference.

What excites you about 2020 at BCUK?
Recently I’ve been working alongside local training providers to help get local people into the construction industry. One of the organisations I've been working with is the Torus Foundation who have a 2 week course to get women trained in construction skills. This work, plus the people I speak to every day, made me realise that there really aren’t many women in this industry—less than 10% of the workforce, and only 3% trades! It’s something I’ve become passionate about and I want to use my position here to help women break down barriers into the industry this year.

What are you going to do to get women into work?
Next up, for International Women’s Day in March, I’ve planned an open day at our Liverpool city centre office. I’m inviting any women interested in construction to come in and find out more about the industry. I’ll be giving advice and recommendations on next steps they can take—and ideally, support some in getting local jobs!

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