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This week, the UK has been celebrating its 11th National Apprenticeship Week (5th-9th March 2018). Employers and apprentices from around the country have been celebrating their success stories of how apprenticeships have worked for individuals, employers, the local community and the wider UK economy.
We’ve showcased a couple of soundbites from our past and present apprentices (we’ve had many – and all of them have been valuable to our business growth in different ways) and to do our part for #NAW2018, we’d like to encourage people of all ages to consider an apprenticeship as a fast track route to a great career.

Why do an apprenticeship?

Learn valuable skills outside the classroom
In an apprenticeship you can learn many valuable skills on the job, often being mentored by experienced staff. But as well as learning the ‘trade’, you’ll also develop invaluable ‘soft skills’ – like office professionalism, collaboration and communication in the workplace. Perhaps most importantly, (particularly if you’ve never had a job before) you’ll grow as an individual and learn life skills you’ll carry with you into your later career.

Earn while you learn
Working as an apprentice means that you get treated like all other employees – with a salary, holidays and benefits. This might be a lower wage to begin with, but once you progress in your role, you may get a pay rise.

Earn a qualification
It’s good to remember that apprenticeships help you learn skills and earn money – but also, once you’ve completed it, you’ll gain a nationally recognised qualification that will always be a valuable addition to your CV, even if you choose to work in a different field.

Every day is a school day – no age limit
While apprenticeships were previously only available for young adults, changes introduced in April 2017 mean that all ages (including existing staff in a business) can look to upskill with an apprenticeship, or try their hand at a new career.

Strengthen your CV and kickstart your career
If you’re about to join the workplace, an apprenticeship is a great segue on the CV to help you get started, gaining the experience often missing from other higher education. If you’ve already in the world of work, an apprenticeship should enhance and freshen your skills, ensuring you keep the pace with the latest changes in the labour market. In both situations, with an apprenticeship, you’ll have great experience, a qualification – and a lot to talk about in an interview!

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