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You have found your ideal job role, been through the intensive interview process and eventually been selected for the job.  They want you! Amazing news.  You’re ecstatic, your family are proud and you are excited for the future. 

Now you have to hand in your resignation to your current employer!  Have you considered how your current employer will actually respond to your resignation?

Your employer could respond with one of a few options:  They may tell you that they wish you luck and are sad to see you go, but understand your reasons to move.  They could be furious with you, ask you to leave immediately and show you the door, and you leave their employment with a bad taste in your mouth, or finally, they could counter offer you.  Have you considered how you would feel if your current employer made you an offer you feel you couldn't refuse? 

This offer could come in the form of

  • a promotion;
  • shares in the company;
  • significant pay rise or bonus;
  • payment for a course or training;
  • a management position;
  • car allowance, bigger car or subsidised travel;
  • reduced hours or increased holiday package;
  • relocation or satellite office.

However the reaction from employers currently emerging at resignation seems to be emotional blackmail, pulling at the heart strings of all the times they have ‘helped you out’.  How they supported you through your marriage breakdown/house buying process/*insert significant life event here* etc. 

“Betty will be devastated as she always gets a lift in with you in the morning”, or “but the receptionist babysits your kids?”  They could even bring up the fact that you’re included in the office bonus ball!

It is inevitable that as a valued member of a business you will become part of the tapestry of the team, if you are as good as your new employer thinks you are then your current boss won’t let you go lightly.   All job seekers are advised to bear all this in mind when searching for a new job role and remind yourself why you updated your CV in the first place.  Those reasons most likely won’t have changed, no matter how much blackmail they inflict on you now, it is very likely that they will present themselves again in future, even if the counter offer is accepted. 

There are many statistics to show that applicants who accept counter offers are up to 90% likely to voluntarily leave or be dismissed within six months. 

Let’s face it, you’ve already told your employer that you’re not happy and they know how much it would cost to replace you, advertising costs, recruitment fees, higher basic salary than you perhaps?  They are going to do all they can to keep you on board …for now… and give themselves some time to find your replacement. 

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