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There are two reasons to start your job hunt today.

 1. There is no time like the present. If you’re considering a move and feel motivated, get looking! There is no better time to look than when you want to move. This search can be tough and time consuming, especially with a full time job! If you're searching halfheartedly, applying halfheartedly, and interviewing halfheartedly... you won't succeed.

2. If there’s a top time to get job hunting in the year, it is January and February. Statistically, these are the strongest months for job applications and hiring patterns (hiring and interviews) with employers.

Activity tends to pick up quickly after the Christmas lull due to candidate and employer activity. Many companies receive new budgets in the New Year, hiring activity delays from November and December are kick started again, and scheduling generally seems to restart in January, making it easier to get the right people together. As hiring is a decision generally made by consensus, this is key.

For both candidate and hiring managers/HR staff, December and the Christmas period is typically a time for some much needed holiday, and time for the Christmas bonus. Due to holidays, this means hiring activity grinds to a halt on both sides. The Christmas bonus or even prospect of the Christmas do has created an adjusted schedule for many industries who have accepted December is slow and January is a great time to get hiring.

If you’re considering a new position to increase your status or your salary, strong hiring periods like January and February are great as the demand for talent from employers may be greater than the quality candidates available, particularly for more senior positions.

Don't forget- New Years Resolutions aren't just for candidates. Many businesses look at the new year as a fresh start for them too- to break new records, hit their end of year targets and push growth.

TOP TIP: Looking for a job is not just about sending off a CV. Make a plan and think of your end goal for 2019. Where do you want to be this time next year? Talk to contacts you trust and make some relevant connections. If you want inside knowledge on your industry, get to know a recruiter you trust. If you’re in Construction, Property or Engineering in the private or public sector, you’re already in the right place with Building Careers UK.

 Lastly, if you want to make your mark in your industry, make sure you get researching in your field. Follow experts on social media, look at your current employer’s growth plan and that of other companies, and get to know the company you apply for (especially before interview). 

Well, what are you waiting for? Make your first resolution of 2019 to build that career you’ve always wanted!

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