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An opportunity is given to us all every 7 seconds, and in this second I want to finish of this successful 2017 year with my first blog.

So why blog now? Well, today a very dear colleague of mine made me reflect when she said, "people just don't like recruitment agencies."

I can't agree with this having been in recruitment and loving it for 16 years. But it's worth thinking about - Am I the stereotypical recruitment person that we all love to not love? How do I come across to those in my sector? And what has kept me in this industry for 16 years, and counting?

Well, here’s 6 reasons why I love recruitment-

1. Job Satisfaction- I love connecting people and seeing people succeed... it's great receiving positive feedback from clients and candidates when you’ve given 100% and it pays off with the perfect candidate in the perfect role. Helping people makes me tick – one candidate struggled to find work with minimal experience got a temporary position with a housing association on my recommendation. Fast forward and he’s on a permanent contract because of his determination and commitment to the role. It’s great to be a part of getting a person in a job that they love!

2. The Social Housing Sector- people, characters, challenges, perseverance- there are a lot of characters to admire and learn from in Housing, and it's a humbling experience to know people who are so grounded and warm in what can be a very challenging sector.

3. Strong Relationships – I love listening and having the opportunity to be frank and honest. I’ve worked hard to build various business relationships over the years and there is truly nothing better than having clients and candidates that trust you to do a great job, and work only with you at BCUK

4. Friendships – Following on from the above… I’ve gained lifelong friends in this sector that I’ve had for 10 years or more, and our social gatherings are unforgettable! You know who you are! My team at BCUK I’m fortunate to say is more of a family than colleagues, and it’s this kind of encouragement and support that keeps you going when stress levels run high. One person in particular has kept me on track over the years, and I’m truly grateful for all the support I’ve been given.

5. Success – I have been fortunate to have a lot of different kinds of success in this industry over the years and be part of a successful business that is growing and improving all the time.

6. Being Myself – One thing I’ve learned in recruitment is that it’s okay to be yourself! I'm hoping that there are people who can vouch for me here- there's no airs and graces, no big sales pitches- My kind of recruitment is just to be genuine. This works for me and it works for the social housing recruitment team who are a friendly group that love to succeed but equally who care about their people and developing their careers.

These are the reasons I know this sector is right for me. Every single point above comes back round to the same thing – Connecting with people! My question to any recruiter in the industry would be- why are you in recruitment? What are the values you follow and stick by? 

If you endeavour to add values to every business you work with, recruitment is a brilliant sector.

So to sum up for 2017:

My advice to the client - get to know and work in real partnership with your recruiter- we will be the champion that you need outside of your business!

My advice to the candidate- the candidate/recruiter relationship is a two way street. To both sides- don't play hard to get and keep communication open. Remember that recruitment is a hectic, and often reactive business. Finding time to be proactive is a luxury! Get in touch if you want to talk!

My advice to the recruiter- Our candidates are our ambassadors and marketeers, we all need to look after and manage these relationships effectively. Let’s add value in 2018. That’s where the successes come from! 

Finally, I would like to thank my work family, who support me and I them as well as all my contacts out there , both clients and candidates, who have helped me deliver and develop this great business at BCUK.

All the best and here's to a prosperous 2018!


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