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Social media can be a big waste of time. Whether its liking that viral picture of a kitten, scrolling through articles on the latest health fad or stalking what your cousin’s friend’s wife’s sister did two summers ago, it’s easy to be distracted by social media and use it for procrastination rather than for productivity.

If you’re on the lookout for a new opportunity, this can be even more the case. If you’re not feeling fulfilled in work, you may find yourself on a daily scroll…

Start using social media to your advantage today.

Preparation and research is key to making a good impression at an interview. Taking the time to understand the company you’re applying to be part of, their culture and their requirements as a team is crucial to making an impact on the interviewers. Its 2016, so chances are that every candidate has googled the company for interview, spent five minutes on their website, and maybe checked out a local news piece about them.

It’s time to give yourself the edge by using your social media savvy for good and not for evil.

The more familiar you are with the company you’re applying for, and the interviewer you’re going to see, the better. Get looking at the following social media channels for some great insights:

Linkedin: This should be your go to platform for finding out what you need to know prior to an interview. Follow the company and keep up to date with their news and updates. Look out for culture; a charity dress up days or a recent award won. Delve deeper and check out the employees of the company to give you an idea of their structure. Looking at what backgrounds their employees come from & why they’ve been hired could be a key tip. Lastly, make sure to check out the interviewer. Their background and education may match your own, especially in a local role. This could be the perfect icebreaker!

Twitter: The golden rule of a good interview is to engage with the interviewer. People buy from people after all! While other platforms may be private, Twitter is often a platform for people to talk about what’s important to them. Follow the company on Twitter, but most importantly check out the interviewer, and use what you find to your advantage. Whether it’s their bio or their opinion of the restaurant they went to last night, Twitter will give you a look into the interviewer’s personality. Are they a keen jetsetter, football enthusiast, an animal lover? Should you be chatty or straight to the point at interview? Your twitter insights could prove the key to unlocking the team culture and the interviewer’s personality. 

Youtube: Anyone in a senior position in a reputable company has the potential to have spoken at an event or conference. This may well be recorded and easily found on Youtube. Unlike other platforms, this actually gives you the opportunity to see what they look and sound like, how they come across and their likely tone at interview. This is the closest you’ll get to ‘meeting’ them before meeting them!

Don’t forget to check out Facebook, Instagram, Google +, company blogsand any others that may be relevant in your sector. Social media has made the world so much smaller, and businesses are projected to increase spend on social media advertising by 15% this year. They’re online… you know you’re online – use this to your advantage and get researching!

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