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Compliance Manager

Job Description

The role involves identifying, assessing and governing landlord compliance risk to ensure homes and neighbourhoods are safe. Key Responsibilities:

* To be the primary point of contact on all fire safety issues.
* Undertake fire risk assessments and communicate with relevant stakeholders.
* Develop strategies and policies relating to building compliance related issues. Provide guidance, support and training on fire safety and fire related initiatives.
* Undertake regular reviews and evaluate risk and compliance.
* Identify, investigate, evaluate and resolve any issues and produce regular reports on the progress of fire risk assessments and actions.
* Monitor the performance of the Compliance Programme.
* Respond to residents' queries and concerns relating to fire safety by attending inspections and providing relevant advice.
* Ensure every property has a fire safety action plan.
* Review fire strategies of new developments and recommend solutions to improve fire safety.
* Keep up to date with policy and procedures, current legislation and technological advances.

Required Skills

compliance, fire, legionella, administrator

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