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Only one person can get the job. Whether you are up against ten other applicants or one hundred, it’s tough to get through the interview process and come out top dog.

Here are 10 things to avoid if you want to make a good impression.

1. Dress code
Dress for the job you have applied for. You aren’t watching X Factor eating pizza at home, and you aren’t going on a night out. Dress appropriately, and leave the tracksuit or skyscraper heels at home.

2. Time management
Plan your journey and give yourself extra time in case of travel problems. If the unexpected happens, call ahead and make your potential employer aware you’ll be late. If you're late, they won't wait!

3. A limp handshake
This is the most common and well known introductory faux pas. A clammy and limp handshake shows a lack of confidence and nerves before you’ve had a chance to speak.

4. Turn off your phone
Not only will a phone ringing throw you off in an interview, it also comes across as rude and is a serious mistake to make!

5. Chewing gum
We all want minty fresh breath, but no one wants to see you chewing while you talk. Get rid of it before you introduce yourself.

6. Poor body language
Fidgeting, avoiding eye contact and bad posture have an impact on how your answers come across. Presentation is everything!

7. Work history issues
Generally, employers are understanding of work history gaps; as long as they are explained. If you have an extended period of time unemployed, be honest about it.

8. Little white lies
Talking up your skill set or experience can be extremely damaging, either there and then or down the line. If the employer think it’s the truth and nothing but the truth, they will find out the moment you need support at work. If it’s obvious during interview, a good candidate becomes an untrustworthy candidate.

9. Gauging the room
If you’re sitting in front of a panel of directors, it’s probably best to see how chatty they are before you start cracking jokes.

10. Attitude
A bad attitude is the fastest way to cross your name off the list. The simplest advice: be nice!

Have you got a bad interview story? Do you know of any other big no-nos at interview? Share your comments below!

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