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CSR is a term used to describe a company’s efforts to conduct business in an ethical way, taking account of their social, economic and environmental impact.

It doesn’t just apply to global conglomerates or huge industrial manufacturers. Efforts can range from voluntary decisions like charitable contributions to mandatory schemes such as compliance with the Modern Slavery Act or implementing environmentally friendly policies in the office.

But is CSR just window dressing or can it have a real positive impact on your organisation?

For most employers, CSR is now seen as an important way to increase competitive advantage, raise brand awareness and build trust with customers and employees. As part of our CSR policy at Building Careers UK, we’ve partnered with Alder Hey Children’s Charity and found the process incredibly rewarding.

Tamsin Marlowe, Director at Building Careers UK, says the response has been overwhelmingly positive; “This partnership has allowed us to show our clients how big our team’s heart is. They’ve been really touched by our efforts, and our staff have bonded by volunteering together and challenging themselves. What we’ve spent in company resources we’ve gained in engagement with our company.

If you’re thinking of taking the same leap and implementing a CSR policy, here’s our top four benefits:

1. Cost Saving
The easiest way for a company to start engaging in sustainability is to use it as a way to cut costs. Start with small stuff- stop printing paper and keep your work digital. Keep energy costs efficient across your offices. Changes will quickly noticeable amongst staff, and in budget meetings.

2. Setting your brand apart
As Building Careers have found, showing heart can really add an edge to your business- for customers, shareholders and job applicants. A CSR policy can really bring your company’s values to life and strike a chord with customers.

3. Employee Engagement
Happy employees almost always equal better productivity. If you are looking to attract and retain hard working and engaged employees- this is the place to start. BCUK’s employees vote for and decide our annual charity partner, which helps them buy in to the chosen initiative. They volunteer to spend their weekends together to raise money and do teambuilding activities that raise money. It’s a win for the charity, your staff, and the company.

4. Customer Engagement
Establish your business as a philanthropic leader and engage with your customers in new ways. What’s the point in doing great work if you aren’t shouting about it from the rooftops? Utilise social media and bring your CSR efforts to life. Involve other organisations and local media outlets where you can. In a world of emails this is one way to give your organisation a human face, and it’s an easy icebreaker to new customers too.

Building Careers UK’s experts have been engaged in the frontline of the housing sector recruitment for the best part of two decades. We know that recruitment needs to be about long term business planning, not just filling vacancies for to solve short term problems. That’s why we invest in our customers and staff, engaging with them on different levels, and encourage you to do the same.

For ideas on how to impact the people strategy in your organisation through your recruitment process and beyond, contact our social housing team on 0151 230 1690.

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