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I want a new job: where do I start?

The first thing to do when looking for a new job is to identify your new direction. Before taking action, ask yourself; why the move? Is it the current role, the employer, the sector or something else (too far from home, not enough money) making you want to make changes? Sometimes when you aren’t enjoying something for one reason it clouds everything else in negativity.

Work out the top priorities for a new role, and try to stick to these. Then allow for plenty of flexibility with the rest. If what you want is a job on your doorstep, it might mean a position with less progression, or pay. If you want to work for a huge firm with plenty of progression, you may need to travel further and work longer hours to prove yourself. What’s important to you, and what would you be willing to give up?

Write a list of pros and cons, speak to people you trust for career advice, and do some research…

Then begin your job search! If you’ve decided you want to move and your current role can’t give you what you need, then don’t waste any more time in making positive changes. In a year you’ll wish you had started today.

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