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2020 has certainly been tough for us all, with COVID-19 bringing lots of challenges for our careers and families. It feels like there’s been a lot to worry about and not a lot to celebrate. But as we look back on the year that passed, I think it’s so important we take some positives from 2020.

In the last week I’ve started to do a few employee career reviews ready for January and new financial year. It was so encouraging to hear some of our team have looked at furlough in a positive way rather than just a time of limbo. If there’s one thing we have all learned this year; it’s that life is too short, and we need to make the most of it no matter what is happening.

It got me thinking what positives I want to take away from this year and bring into 2021. What’s important? What’s not?

For me, I have to say first of all: don’t take anything for granted. Whether its work colleagues, clients & candidates, family, friends & neighbours – but most importantly health; mental and physical.

I am a person who doesn’t really open up a lot but during the 2nd lockdown every Sunday I have been going for a 10 mile walk with a friend and using the time to talk out all our feelings and worries. This opportunity to open up in the fresh air and not get distracted with busy lives and phones has been amazing for my mental health and is something I am definitely going to continue doing.

It’s always easy to forget just how busy and stressful life is but lockdown forced us all to stop, and find new things to enjoy as a family or alone. Training yourself to take that time out for yourself and enjoy it is hard, but so worth it! Whether it’s walking, cycling, gym, reading a book, gardening, cooking, learning something new… I really hope we all hang on to our new hobbies and interests next year and use them as time out for ourselves.

In lockdown my 10 year old son Owen was watching TV and saw an RSPCA advert. He was distraught that such awful things can happen to our animals in today’s world. We’d also had an awful accident in the last year involving our family dog Molly – so with these two things in mind, Owen wanted to make a difference. He came to me having decided he wanted to start raising money for the RSPCA and since then has planned to do 12 events in 12 months. So far he has raised over £1200! I am so proud of him, and also appreciative of the support he’s received from the whole community. Taking part in these activities with him has reminded me that there are so many causes out there that we can put our efforts into and really make a difference - even if we’re having a tough time ourselves.

I hope you feel that you have something positive to take away from 2020 and I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts – please comment and let me know!

I can’t sign off without saying a huge thank you to everyone that has supported our business this year and I hope you have a very lovely Christmas spending time with your families safely. A big thanks to our staff who have worked really hard through tough times - I look forward to our virtual Christmas party later today where we can toast to working together in the new year. For everyone else, I'll see you in 2021!

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