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Business Development Manager - Medium Sized Contractor

Job Description

The Company
Building Careers is working with an enviable specialist fit out contractor with an annual turnover of £40 million.
The Company is Employee Owned.

They carry out fit out projects of varying size and complexity in line with our skill set throughout the UK.
They carry out a maximum of twelve projects at any one time which include: -

Small: fast, uncomplex projects not exceeding a 10-week contract period with project size not
exceeding £500,000. Traditional Contracts limited Design and Build.
Medium: project sizes from £500,000 to £3,000,000; contract periods from 10 weeks to 30 weeks
subject to the project needs; fit out of developer's shells or the re-modelling of existing premises.
Traditional and Design and Build Contracts.

Large: special projects, more complex in nature, which although including a large fit out element
may require new construction and/ extensions. Project size from £3,000,000 to £10,000,000; contract
periods from 16 weeks to 50 weeks subject to the project needs. Primarily Design and Build

They are a market leading Leisure and Hotel contractor working for customers who are some of the
most well-known brand names in the UK.
We fit out, refurbish, or extend: -
 Pubs, Bars, Restaurants
 Cinemas, Bowling, Bingo, Casino
 Social entertainment
 Holiday Parks
 Hotels
They are focussed on our key market but recognise the importance of occupying alternate markets
when opportunities arise.

They carry out other market opportunities which suit our skill set primarily focused on North-West
commercial property agents and developers leading to opportunities for works in respect of office,
warehouse, residential etc

The role
Reports to
The Managing Director.
The Business Development Manager is accountable for the following: -
 Customer Contact database
 Achieve the set sales plan
 Achieve the set marketing plan
 Leadership of the sales team
 Customer communication
 Internal communication
Customer Contact Database
 Regular updating
 Leadership of the sales administrator to carry out their duties relating to the database.
Achieve the set sales plan
 Carry out market research to enable the production of a yearly sales plan
 Produce the sales plan in accordance with the leadership team
 Attend bi-monthly sales meetings
 Provide reports in respect of sales meetings
 Attend the weekly tender review and report on short term opportunities
Achieve the set marketing plan
 Carry out market research to enable the production of a yearly marketing plan
 Produce the marketing plan in accordance with the leadership team and the outsourced
partner consultant
 Attend monthly marketing meetings
 Carry out specified actions in relation to marketing
Leadership of the sales team
 Provide clear direction and accountability
 Carry out the 121 processes
Customer communication
 Regular contact with set customers
 Regular visits/meetings
 Network events
Internal communication
 Regular contact with the leadership team
 Day to day contact with the bid/estimating team
 General input and involvement in respective of internal communication

The Person
The successful candidate will have the following attributes
 A suitable professional qualification with an attitude for CPD.
 The ability to provide effective leadership.
 Experience within a similar role
 Excellent understanding of the construction process
 Committed, passionate, friendly and a team player
 The necessary attributes to join a high performing team with a clear plan of business growth
and profitability.

The Rewards
The reward package will include the following
 A salary package of £65,000.00 per annum
 A bonus scheme of 15% of salary based on company profitability
 A car allowance of £6,500.00 per annum
 5% of salary pension contribution
 Twenty-five days holiday

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